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Commissioning Services Custom proprietary software that utilizes full data set collection and sets the new standard for model validation.
QUADRANT QA Solutions A cloud-based software platform utilizing a single database for all machine and TPS quality assurance.
Medical Physics Services The latest methodologies to better serve all your needs.
Medical Dosimetry Services Clinical experience you can trust.
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Quadrant QA Solutions

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Safety through technology

QUADRANT is a cloud-based software platform utilizing a single database for all machine and TPS quality assurance that always references back to the commissioning data baselines. Make your QA AAPM compliant with a single cloud-based solution.


-Direct TPS Absolute Dose Comparison to Measured data. (AAPM TG-53)

-TPS Model Analytics (AAPM TG 106)

-Monthly and Annual QA (AAPM TG 142)

-Output Calibration (AAPM TG 51)

-Large Database of Commissioning Data for comparison to Industry Standards

-Complex Analysis: Know where and how failures occur

"We have partnered with the Alyzen Medical Physics for over 14 years now. The physics and dosimetry staff have been a major resource that we rely on. We have built a great relationship with Alyzen and we know they are just as dedicated to providing the best radiation oncology services to our area as we are." Robert Wright, Associate Administrator Ancillary Support Services

The QUADRANT Advantage

  • Analysis at a glance
  • Equipment calibration tracking
  • Cloud-based data allows customers access to their data immediately
    • Personalization
  • User Defined data filters
  • Ready to print reports with multiple templates
  • Multiple Linac data comparison
  • Scan data in multiple formats
    • Reporting tools
  • Gamma Comparisons
  • Flatness & Symmetry
  • TG 51 Parameters
  • Constancy checks
  • Commissioning Services Medical Physics Services
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