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Commissioning Services Custom proprietary software that utilizes full data set collection and sets the new standard for model validation.
QUADRANT QA Solutions A cloud-based software platform utilizing a single database for all machine and TPS quality assurance.
Medical Physics Services The latest methodologies to better serve all your needs.
Medical Dosimetry Services Clinical experience you can trust.
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Commissioning Services

The standard for commissioning

When it comes to commissioning services, Alyzen never settles for good enough. We’ve set our standard well beyond the industry standards to ensure that you’re getting repeatable, precise measurements for consistent and correct radiation dosage.

Alyzen Offers Exclusive 3-Tier Validation with Quadrant

Our custom proprietary software, Quadrant, utilizes full data set collection and sets the new standard for model validation. By extracting dose directly from the TPS and comparing it to the measured data, Quadrant streamlines the process of commissioning.

We Benchmark Your Linac Against:

  • Our Alyzen Database
  • Vendor's Reference Data Set
  • Your Treatment Planning System
"I would absolutely and wholeheartedly without reservation recommend Alyzen for any commissioning job to anyone who asks for my opinion. I look forward to continuing a relationship with their team for annuals and other work for years to come." John C. Upton, MS, DABR, LAKE CUMBERLAND CANCER TREATMENT CENTER

A fully authenticated solution provided in the shortest timeframe on the market creates the best value for your clinic.

    Thorough Analysis
  • Full data collection, with no shortcuts
  • 3-tier validation of the entire data set (every curve, every point)
    • Efficient & Flexible
  • Absolute dose evaluation that’s based on over 100,000 points vs. a traditional handful
  • Results in days instead of weeks
    • Beyond Standards
  • Complete flexibility around machine installation schedule
  • Above and beyond TG-106 standard
  • Going above expectations is our normal.

    We create consistent, comprehensive commissioning on every project by going above and beyond what is considered industry standard.


    • Meet & exceed the industry TG-106 standards
    • Digital copy of all measured data in TPS format, import-ready
    • Full review of report & walk-through at the end of the project
    • Follow-up communication
    • Reduced stress & maximized revenue
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    Going above expectations is our normal.
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